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        BENTLEY MARINE's accumulated Commercial Design & Shipbuilding experience comes from a distinguished international technical Team of over 750 marine scientists, engineers, naval architects, hydromicists and designers from the top European and US Navies. With thousands of commercial and military ships built worldwide for the most demanding and complex applications, the Team brings a type of field experience that is virtually unmatched by any single builder or naval architecture firm in the world, allowing us to conceive and build the Most Sophisticated and Advanced Commercial Ships available today!

    BENTLEY MARINE Commercial Ships of the Next Generation blend modern design lines with the most advanced low wake hull forms and innovative technologies such as:

Third Generation Super lightweight Shipbuilding Materials.
    In addition to traditional steel, BENTLEY MARINE, design and built commercial ships with an environmentally safe Styreneless Triple Layer glass plastic reinforced composites with fire retardant attributes and other special composites with up to 10 times the strength of steel and up to 40% stronger than Aramid fibers (Kevlar). Special purpose ships and fast Ferries can also take advantage of our Titanium Alloys and Super Aluminum Magnesium Alloys with up to 50% higher strength than 5083 and 5086 marine aluminum alloys and about 25% more strength than Alustar ™  with 35% less weight.

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes) Laser Docking System: A revolutionary system that reduces the risk of docking accidents and errors in congested ports for large vessels dealing with sensitive cargo, Fast Ferries transporting a great number of passengers and in off-shore operations where maximum docking precision is imperative. The Laser Docking System uses real time powerful lasers to electronically guide the vessel operator. The system can be configured to automatically dock vessels equipped with DGPDS and integrated Dynamic Position systems.

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes) All-By-Wire ™  is another BENTLEY MARINE first in Commercial Ships Technology, that allows the integrated Electronic Operation, Control & Monitoring of all Machinery and Equipment onboard. All-By-Wire solutions are custom designed for each ship application in accordance to our customers specific needs and requirements.  The customized integrated solutions are fully redundant and allow for manual override assuring the vessel's safety and outstanding performance at all times.

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes) Modular Self-Contained Integrated Autonomous Bridge Design
    A new concept, originally developed by BENTLEY MARINE for our in military ships. The self contained bridge design is water tight, self-powered and easily detachable from the ship's structure to be used as a self-propelled raft in case the ship goes down. The design is tailored for any size and type of commercial ships, from fast Ferries to Oil Tankers. All navigation and communication equipment are embedded into the bridge, thus enabling the ship owner and/or operator to save millions of Dollars when upgrading or servicing the fleet, by removing the Autonomous Bridge from an older ship and installing it on a new one. The new bridge concept is also of modular construction, allowing all computer hardware and software to be easily and inexpensively upgraded at one's needs and convenience, avoiding the replacement of the whole hardware as it is normally the case when dealing with conventional standalone equipment that become obsolete. The Bridge is self-Contained and self-powered; custom built in either aluminum, steel or composites in accordance to each ship type and class.

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes) Custom developed ultra lightweight machinery and equipment. BENTLEY MARINE engineers and custom manufactures whisper quiet and environmentally friendly propulsion system solutions that are in most cases half of the weight and size of conventional commercial ones. Just compare our BENTLEY MARINE Diesel/LNG Aluminum Radial Engines, Gas Turbines and gearboxes with any other in the industry.


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