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Ultra Fast Ferries


      BENTLEY MARINE's 3rd Generation, Wave Piercing Trimarans, Air Cavity, Hydrofoil, SWATH and 250 knot Ekranoplan platforms, bring unparalleled seakeeping comfort and speed into fast ferries, allowing this new generation of Ultra fast Ferries to maintain heading and higher speeds in rough seas.   

  BENTLEY MARINE Ultra Fast Ferries:

15-150m (50-495ft)  3rd Generation 40 knot plus Ultra Fast Ferries

   Presenting the Fastest Ferry in the World!

The exclusive turbine powered Bentley Marine Wave Piercing Trimaran incorporates wing in ground effect and is the fastest ferry platform in the world, with speeds ranging from 85 knots for the 115ft version and up to 100 knots plus for the giant 235ft version with 1500sq.m of deck area and operable in up to Sea State 5 conditions!

BENTLEY MARINE offers many shallow draft high speed Air cavity Ferry designs in monohull and catamaran versions up to 400 passengers, such as the Iris (80 passengers), which is equipped with a retractable bow ramp for loading and unloading passengers on river banks, without the need of a dock.

10m Water Taxi Hydrofoil with retractable foils (10 passengers)
Also available with Air Cavity hull (no foils)

46m Ocean Course Hydrofoil Ferry @ 40 knots in Sea State 4 (250 passengers)

80ft_BENTLEY_MARINE_HS_SWATH.jpg (46220 bytes)
Variable Draft High Speed HS-SWATH Ferry (100 passengers)

105_Bentley_Marine_Vectra.jpg (25382 bytes)
High Speed semi-planning HS-SWATH Ferry (200 passengers)

The one of a kind Bentley Marine Ekranoplans (Aero Ferries TM) can carry from 8 up to 500 passengers (Aries model) at breathtaking speeds of up to 250 knots in any Sea State.The Gemini above can carry 150 passengers with a 1500 mile range more economically than a comparable sized aircraft.

This 16 passenger, 145 knot capable Aero Ferry TM is ideal for island and coastal service

    BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive CHPC Combined Heat, Power & Cooling turbine generators complement the whisper quiet package, providing electricity, hot water and air conditioning for the entire vessel.


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