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    BENTLEY MARINE is a world leader in development, integration and packaging of custom  built marine propulsion systems, such as lightweight Aluminum Diesel engines and gas turbines with integrated gearboxes exclusively designed for Military & Fast Ferry applications.

    Our other custom fabricated equipment include electric and electronic integrated digital ship control and alarm systems, compact micro gas turbine generators, aerospace derived motion control systems and more...

    All BENTLEY MARINE machinery and equipment are tested and approved by the world's leading Navies and Coast Guards and meet all Classification Society specifications.


    At BENTLEY MARINE, we are committed to the continuous Research and Development for new solutions in engineering, materials, products and equipment that set our handcrafted quality products apart from any others.   

The world leaders in Green Ship Technologies!

Mini Turbine CHPC (Combined Heat, Power & Cooling) GENSETS:

    BENTLEY MARINE exclusive low noise, vibration and smoke free mini turbine generators are about 20% of the weight and size of conventional Diesel generator sets. The mini turbine generators are packaged in sound proof boxes and are microprocessor controlled for best efficiency. Commercial and military operators will be surprised when they learn that those units are almost maintenance free, requiring an oil change of few quarts of of synthetic oil once a year and that their next overhaul is 40,000 to 75,000 hours away.

    BENTLEY MARINE custom builds "clean burn" low NOx CHPC generators of 30kW, 50kW, 60kW, 70kW, 80kW, 100kW, 200kW, 400kW and 500Kw. They are the most lightweight, vibration free and reliable marine generators in the world. With up to 80% efficiency and 99% availability BENTLEY MARINE CHPC Mini Turbine Generators are smoke free, provide pressurized hot water to the entire vessel and even Air Conditioning. They are designed to run on either LNG (Natural Gas) or Diesel.


    BENTLEY MARINE Commercial and Military vessels come factory equipped with BENTLEY Marine special computer controlled shore power that automatically converts, stabilizes and regulates all  frequencies and voltages from any country or port in the world to the one onboard. Dock anywhere in the world with peace of mind confidence that your sensitive boat equipment will be safe from power surges and failure. A state-of-the-art custom made switchboard automatically controls the load on the generators turning them on and off automatically when necessary.


External Combustion Stirling Cycle CHP GENSETS: 

   As an alternative to CHPC Mini Turbine gensets, BENTLEY MARINE also offers ultra-compact 50kW genset units based on external combustion engines. The Stirling Cycle engine technology is mostly used in advanced military submarines, because contrary to reciprocating engines, they use 50% fewer moving parts, being much more reliable and operating almost in complete silence, with no vibration and smoke free. BENTLEY MARINE external combustion gensets are virtually maintenance free, requiring an oil change every 5,000 hours. The environmentally friendly gensets can burn a variety of fuels, including Diesel and LNG. Multiple units can be installed to work in parallel in larger vessels. The units can be assembled as CHP (Combined Heat & Power), thus providing hot water for the entire ship at a constant 60º C.

External Combustion Stirling Engine


Advanced Propulsion Systems:

    BENTLEY MARINE custom ultra-lightweight Aluminum Diesel Engines, Turbines and compact Gearboxes  are integrated in unique propulsion packages that sets up new standards  in superior maneuverability, reliability and comfort at sea.


Utra-lightweight High Speed Aluminum Diesel / LNG Engines:

    BENTLEY MARINE Custom Aluminum Diesel Engines come in V12  (up to 1100KW/1500HP) and Radial configurations in 42,  56 and 112 cylinders (up to 7000KW/9380HP). They are the most powerful, lightweight  and compact Marine Diesels available today and come equipped with advanced aluminum gearboxes for maximum weight and space savings for outstanding performance.


BENTLEY MARINE 42Cylinder Radial Aluminum Engine & Gear Box (4000HP)


Heavy Duty Medium Speed Diesel Engines:

    BENTLEY MARINE Custom Built Four Stroke Turbo Charged Medium Speed Diesel Engines come in In-line Six (6L32/40) and Eight (8L32/40) cylinder versions with 2880 kW and 3840 kW respective power range @ 750 RPM. The custom built BENTLEY MARINE engines are built to the highest industrial and military standards by one of the oldest European medium speed engine manufacturers in the world with over 100 years of experience.

    BENTLEY MARINE 6L32/40 and 8L32/40 engines are comparable in design but yet superior to proven MAN B&W, Wärtsilä or MAK engines and can be used with BENTLEY MARINE's advanced gearboxes, Diesel Electric propulsion or hydraulic systems for the ultimate in performance and reliability.


    All engines come equipped with drive-by-wire electronic control, monitoring and alarm systems, commissioned by factory technicians and with a worldwide one year warranty.

    Our Fast Delivery times is unsurpassed by any other Medium Speed Engine manufacturer.


Compact Turbine Power & Custom Gearboxes:

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    New BENTLEY MARINE multi-stage high efficiency low weight marine gas turbines (500kw/670HP to 26.7MW/35,800HP) are coupled to integrated compact aluminum gear boxes, dramatically reducing vibration and noise and substantially increasing the speed and performance. They can operate on Diesel or LNG-Liquefied Natural Gas and can be custom packaged with any of the propulsion systems below for best performance:

  Ultra Lightweight (350Kg) & Compact Aluminum Gearbox for
BENTLEY MARINE 4MW (5360HP) ST- Super Turbine Series


ST- Super Turbine Series 4MW (5360HP) Aluminum Gas Turbine (500Kg)

    BENTLEY MARINE 4MW/5360HP - 850Kg Turbine and Gearbox package weights about 7 tons less than piston Diesel engines of comparable power and about 3 tons less than any other marine gas turbine package of the same power. This ultra lightweight system translates into more boat speed, with more useful interior space and longer cruising range, since you have space to carry much more fuel. Contrary to piston Diesel engines, BENTLEY MARINE gas turbines never smoke, can be started and run at full power in less than one minute and require ten times less maintenance, reducing operating costs.


New High-Efficiency Ventilated Water Jets:

   Developed by the BENTLEY MARINE Team of propulsion specialists for a leading European Navy, the Ventilated Water Jet is specially attractive for high-speed vessels and as a more efficient alternative to conventional water jets in Air Cavity hulls, where cavitation must be avoided.

   This propulsion device consists of a slightly curved water inlet of minimum length with  a special designed impeller placed directly on the shaft at the outlet right behind the carrier-bearing strut. Contrary to conventional water jets, there are no speed limitations and they operate efficiently through the entire speed range.

   BENTLEY MARINE Ventilated Water Jets can be designed to be either built into the hull or, externally mounted.














New Water Jet Control Systems:

    This sophisticated single lever control system controls thrust direction in 360º, the clutch, engine RPM and pitch control. It can also be interfaced with all other BENTLEY MARINE ship's control systems such as autopilot, dynamic positioning and integrated bridge system.

    The integrated joystick also controls BENTLEY MARINE exclusive 360º steerable bow and stern water jet thrusters.



360º Steerable Bow and Stern Water-Jet Thrusters:

360º Steerable Bow or Stern Mounted U-Shaped Water Jet

    Another exclusive from BENTLEY MARINE are the compact and lightweight 360º steerable bow and stern water jet thrusters which, contrary to conventional propeller thrusters, are quiet and vibration free. The custom-built units are joystick controlled and make the docking of a large vessel a snap! The units can be powered by lightweight Next Generation Intelligent Modular Electric Drives shown herein below or hydraulic motors depending on the ship.

360º Steerable Stern Mounted Water Jet /Rudder Combo

    The newly developed  stern mounted Water Jet /Rudder Combo is an ingenious solution from Fast Ferry & Ship developer and integrator, John F. Rodrigues. When used with our High-Efficiency Ventilated Water Jets, the system works as a rudder for medium and  high-speed cruising or, as a 360º steerable water jet thruster and low speed propulsion for precise docking and maneuvering.


Dynamic Positioning and Position Mooring Systems:

    BENTLEY MARINE Commercial and Military vessels can be equipped with Dynamic Positioning and Position Mooring Systems.
    The system combines DGPS technology for positioning, gyros, wind sensors, depth sounders, navigation computers and BENTLEY MARINE compact 360º Steerable Bow and Stern Water Jet Thrusters or Cycloidal Rudders to keep the vessel still in a pre-determinate longitude and latitude without the need of mooring (dropping anchor). It is also used with the autopilot to keep the vessel in precise heading or follow course.



Cycloidal Rudders:

vcr_2.jpg (12286 bytes)

   Cycloidal Rudders are a brand new revolutionary concept that incorporates directional rudders, a 360º steerable propulsion system and a pitch and roll motion control system; all in one single unit!

   Cycloidal Rudders can be installed to work in dual mode on twin screw commercial and military vessels, by having the units installed forward or aft of the propellers (conventional, variable pitch or Ventilated Water Jets), thus working as a high performance rudder at higher speeds and as a vectored 360º thruster and propulsor at lower speeds. When the vessel is at rest, it also works as a much more efficient motion control system than ordinary fin stabilizers, providing a vertical controlled thrust that pushes the starboard or port bottom of the hull up to compensate for roll and pitching.  A 20 Knot ship can be designed using Cycloidal Rudders as the only main propulsors, eliminating the need of conventional propellers, bow and stern thrusters.



Speed Z-Drives:

     Those high-tech compact performance units incorporate a built-in gear box, variable pitch propellers and rudders. Speeds over 50Knots are possible with this system which are installed with the propellers facing forward for a pulling effect, instead of a pushing one. They work in perfect harmony with BENTLEY MARINE Diesels & Turbine packages, and are ideal for applications such as the 146ft Ocean Course Hydrofoil Ferry. Keeping the gear box out of the vessel, means quieter operation and a vibration free environment.



Steerable Azimuth Thrusters with Contra-Rotating Propellers:

    Those performance electronically controlled contra-rotating Z-Drive units are ideal for large displacement Ships, offering 15% better efficiency than conventional propellers and precise 360º maneuverability.  They can be packaged with BENTLEY MARINE's Aluminum Diesels & Turbines or with with our Diesel-Electric, Turbo-Electric and hydraulic propulsion solutions.




Performance Surface Drives for Patrol Boats:

    The custom racing-derived surface drives MK-I and MK-II are great performers for fast Patrol Craft. The lightweight units are used as a shallow draft propulsion alternative to conventional water jets in situations where the Patrol Craft must operate in polluted waters where debris can clog the water jets or when the vessel propulsion must be as light as possible. Those Surface Drives have been successfully tested in boats racing over 100MPH with no mechanical failure.

  Main Characteristics of this exceptional racing drive include:
- Integral Dry Sump System for better efficiency and cooler operation.
- Steerable and trimable.
- No bevel gears, only spur gears for quick change ratios.

Innovative Cavitation Free Super-Propellers:

  BENTLEY MARINE military propeller specialists and laboratory have developed a new type of propeller which has 4-6% better propulsive efficiency in the 30-60 Knot range when compared to the most modern propellers or water jets available. Depending on the vessel type and dimensions it may save up to 1,000 tons of fuel a year. The design features a 15% increase in diameter and reduced blade area. The elimination of cavitation reduces about twice the pressure pulse level at hull skin which translates in reduced hull vibration and better comfort. The Cavitation Free Super Propeller may  also be used on slow speed full displacement vessels with even better efficiency.



Controllable Pitch Propellers:

     Hydraulic controllable pitch propellers are used in some BENTLEY MARINE applications, such as some Hydrofoil designs where Speed Z drives or Water jets cannot be fitted, or would not produce the best performance. In addition to the better use of the engine available power, easy maneuverability is accomplished by keeping the engines RPM fixed at a pre determined speed while varying the pitch controls for precise forward and reverse thrust during dockage. BENTLEY MARINE electronic control module automatically adjusts engine speed in accordance to the variable pitch.


Standard Line, Net  & Weed Cutter:

spurs.jpg (19850 bytes)

    Standard equipment on all propeller driven BENTLEY MARINE Ships. The cutter is ABS approved and eliminates costly dives to cut prop-fouling lines in freezing or high seas and provide long life to the shaft seal units.


Next Generation Intelligent Modular Electric Drive Systems:

BENTLEY MARINE is pioneering the integration of a new and revolutionary AEPS - Advanced Electric Propulsion System ™, a  modular electric drive system that makes lightweight Electric propulsion and power on demand a pure reality. The custom designed system is comprised by ultra-compact and lightweight Diesel or Turbine generators, Li-Po batteries and electric motors, ranging from a small 85KG - 40kW (54HP) unit to a powerful  2000kW (2680HP) motor that weights only 750KG, which can be combined as needed for the required power. The generator and electric motors are completely sealed and corrosion proof. The units can be independently and easily removed for service. The modular electronically controlled generators are integrated into a single gearbox and bolted into the Diesel engine flywheel, thus enabling power on demand in accordance to the ship's electrical or propulsion loads. Maximum efficiency is obtained all the time, as one single Diesel engine serves for electricity and propulsion varying its RPM in accordance to the loads. Applications are endless!

  Also check out our new compact 40kW (54HP) fully integrated electric propulsion package with Li-Po battery power system.




Compact Steer-by-Wire Systems:


   BENTLEY MARINE integrates Digital Steering Technology and, in certain applications where the rudder is not part of the propulsion system, compact third generation steering gear units with built-in hydraulic system for simple installation and maintenance are used for very precise and smooth ship maneuvering.


Aerospace Developed Motion Control Systems:

   Fully automatic computerized stabilization systems for monohulls, catamarans, hydrofoils and SWATHs. Each Motion Control System is custom  designed for the specific vessel, after carefully evaluating the given motions of the vessel through a computer simulation test. Unlike the common pair of hydraulic actuated fins which can only provide roll control, our aerospace developed systems use avionics software to control roll, pitch, heave and yaw through a series of devices that can include a T-Foil in the bow with a pair of custom vertical trim tabs (shown), a A-Foil Hydrofoil with transom vertical trim tabs (10Knot speed increase with this system) or, a set of vertical "Interceptor" trim tabs amidships and at the transom. The Motion Control Systems can be integrated with an autopilot to provide the ultimate precision in navigation.


Fully Integrated Machinery Control, Monitoring and Alarm Systems:

    Our aircraft designed touch-screen panels control and monitor all ship systems and integrate all ship controls and monitoring systems, making it possible to control and  diagnose more than 700 equipment in one single screen. A normal installation will use 4 to 5 interactive touch-screen panels for back-up and multi-reading. Custom installations allow the crew  to access all ship systems from anywhere in the ship, provided they have individual access PIN codes. Another plus of this system is that all data is continuously collected and recorded for easy diagnosis and all ship equipment is wired and inter-connected through a LAN with a single wire to the bridge. This saves miles of wiring harness and lots of money in equipment and installation.


Self Contained Fully Integrated Navigation Systems:

Click here for more info    The BENTLEY MARINE Electronic Chart System  is the only Navy approved, portable and self contained computer navigation system. It comes equipped with its own battery back-up and can be customized and integrated with other ship systems.



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