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 Mission Statement from John F. Rodrigues:

Dear Commercial Ship Operators and Builders,

    It is with great pride and joy that we invite you and your company to count on our worldwide design and shipbuilding related services in a project like no other in the world!

    Under the prestigious BENTLEY MARINE name, an international Team of over 750 of the world's most talented Marine Scientists, Naval Architects, Engineers and Hydromicists bring the latest and most reliable marine technologies and hull designs, offering for the first time a combination of unsurpassed design, speed and comfort at sea that exceeds the newest Federal and State environmental regulations for low wake, silence and reliability, benefiting not only passengers, but also commercial operators and ship builders as a whole.

    For shipyards, our enormous technical resources, including two tank testing and propulsion laboratories, exclusive US and European Navy proven Patented  fast hull designs, innovative shipbuilding construction materials and techniques,  assure you a leading edge position in negotiating future contracts with existing customers as well as the opportunity to better attract new ones, by offering them one whole package with the prestige of the BENTLEY MARINE name.

    Navies and Commercial Ship Operators will  benefit from the convenience of counting with a worldwide leading team of specialists in a One-Stop-Shop for the identification of positive solutions for their specific route needs and the development of attractive ultra-fast and fuel efficient vessels that at the same time meet all new government regulations and provide their crew and passengers with unsurpassed comfort at any required Sea State.

    I also would like to invite all of you to check our exclusive BENTLEY Marine custom machinery and equipment, backed by a worldwide around the clock service and extended warranty, which includes ultra lightweight propulsion packages featuring Aluminum Diesel Engines, Gas Turbines with integrated gearboxes; Micro Turbine (CHPC) Generators, aerospace derived motion control systems, fully integrated electric and electronic ship systems and much more...

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you even better!





  John F. Rodrigues
           President & CEO


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