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BENTLEY Marine Commercial & Military Division is specialized in:


Our Services for Shipyards, Navies and Commercial Operators include:

Naval Architecture, Engineering and Tank testing: BENTLEY Marine has the largest and the most specialized Team of Naval Architects and Engineers in the world with over five hundred specialists in the most advanced high speed hulls and ship technologies. They combined have designed and engineered more high-speed craft to the world's navies and commercial operators than any other single company or shipyard, and can offer unsurpassed Naval architecture and Engineering of Patented  Advanced Hull Designs for the most demanding applications such as: High-speed Monohulls and Catamarans with aerospace derived motion control systems such as A-foils and T-Foils, Surface Piercing Hydrofoils, Fully Submerged Hydrofoils,  Air Cavity Hulls, Canted Strut SWATHs, High Speed Semi-Planning SWATHS, SLICE, 100 Knot WPT (Wave Piercing Trimarans) and the unique Aeroferries Wing in Ground Effect Ships capable of 250 knots!

Custom Ship & Fast Ferry Design: A reputable Team of award-winning international  Naval Architects and Designers make the unique look of BENTLEY Marine fast ships. We believe that a more distinguished and beautiful Ship or Ferry can attract more customers in a competitive market or route. Who said commercial ships need to look ugly?


BENTLEY Marine Custom Ship Equipment, Machinery integration and Development.

Aerospace Developed Motion Control Systems: Fully automatic computerized stabilization systems for monohulls, catamarans, hydrofoils and SWATHs. Each Motion Control System is custom  designed for the specific use, after carefully evaluating the given motions of the vessel through a computer simulation test. Unlike the common pair of hydraulic actuated fins widely available that can only provide roll control, our aerospace developed systems use avionics software to control roll, pitch, heave and yaw through a series of devices that can include a A-Foil or T-Foil in the bow with a pair of custom trim tabs called interceptors. The Motion Control Systems can be integrated with the autopilot to provide the ultimate precision in navigation.

Fully Integrated Machinery Control, Monitoring and Alarm Systems: Our aircraft designed touch-screen panels control and monitor all ship systems and integrate all ship controls and monitoring systems, making it possible to control and  diagnose more than 700 equipment in one single screen. A normal installation will use 4 to 5 interactive touch-screen panels for back-up and multi-reading. Custom installations allow the crew to access all ship systems from specific points in the boat, provided they have individual access PIN codes. Another plus of this system is that all data is continuously collected and recorded for easy diagnosis and all ship equipment is wired and inter-connected through a LAN system with a single wire to the bridge. This saves miles of wiring harness and lots of money in equipment and installation. Internet access is available for quick service diagnosis and ship owners monitoring of their vessels from remote locations.

Aluminum Diesel Engines and Gear Boxes: BENTLEY Marine lightweight Aluminum Diesel Engines come in V-12 (up to 1500HP) and Radial configurations of 42 cylinders (up to 4000HP) and 56 cylinders (up to 5350HP). A special twin  56 cylinder Radial engine rated at 10,000HP is also available.

Turbine Power: BENTLEY Marine builds the most compact Marine Turbine packages from 500kW to over 25,000kW. These Ultra- Lightweight and compact Turbine Propulsion systems come with either integral or remote aluminum gear boxes.

Mini Turbine CHPC Power Generator Systems of 30kW, 45kW, 90kW, 200Kw and 500kW. 

Custom Digitally Controlled Shore Power Systems, Switchboards and Ship Electrical Equipment.

Other available services include:

Full Ship Engineering  & Technology Support

Structural Drawings and calculations

Fluid System Design calculations and diagrammatics

Shipbuilding Specifications

Worldwide Shipyard Selection & Construction planning

Ship Equipment and Machinery arrangement drawings

Electrical System Design calculations and installation

Ship Equipment and Machinery Sales & Supply (We ship to over 170 Countries)

Worldwide Project  Management for New Construction

Custom Fast Ferry ship interior Design & Decoration. Complete refit projects (exterior and interior) with unmatched cabinetry work and an unique line of accessories from Italy and France.

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