Project Consultancy & Planning

Let us assist you and your company, shipyard or Navy  in providing the most innovative shipbuilding solutions for Next Gen Green Ships or refits, with the world's most compact and lightweight Dual Fuel and/or LNG Propulsion Systems and ultra efficient ship hulls.

Project Consulting & Planning

Easy Project Integration

Our Global Team will coordinate and execute all steps from the Design & Engineering to turn-key delivery in more than 150 countries. We offer 24/7/365 direct service support executed through an extensive network of selected subcontractors and shipyards.

Easy Project Integration

Unmatched Technical Resources

With a Global Professional Team of over 1200 Naval Architects and Engineers and hundreds of strategic joint-ventures with industry leading equipment manufacturers, BENTLEY MARINE can deliver unmatched Technical Resources and job-in-hand expertise on all types of commercial and Naval vessels.

Unmatched Technical Resources

    BENTLEY MARINE GREEN Ship Technology The world leaders in Green Ship Technologies!

Why Us?

  When it comes to the integration of Next Gen Ships, Advanced Hull Forms and custom-built Ship Machinery and Equipment, BENTLEY MARINE is the preferred choice among the world's Top Navies, Shipyards and Commercial Operators.

 For the last two decades, BENTLEY MARINE has also been more than often invited as Strategic Consultants by key players in the Maritime Industry to address complex Offshore and Naval Projects to provide unique and innovative Ship & Machinery solutions, partnering at times to companies such as Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin, the Korean shipbuilding giant Hyundai Heavy Industries, Co., Ltd. - Special & Naval Shipbuilding Division,  leading turbine manufacturers including, GE, Pratt & Whitney Canada and  Rolls-Royce, Plc. and with India based conglomerate TATA Group, among many others.

 Another growing area of our Consultancy expertise is our unique ability to assist and support our global clientele with custom-built innovative solutions to retrofit existing ships with Green ultra-compact Hybrid Electric Propulsion & Power Generation Systems that run on IMO 2020 compliant low sulphur marine fuels, including LNG, Methanol and Hydrogen.

R&D is the core of our Ship Integration business.
Our Global presence with strategic relationships and joint-ventures in 5 continents with Universities, Laboratories and hi-tech manufacturers from several industries, including not only marine, but also aerospace and automotive, enables us to access and integrate the latest technologies, machines and equipment  into BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive ship systems and technical solutions.
Our engineers use the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to produce highly precise and detailed ship designs and the most efficient and reliable propulsion systems and ship machinery available today
No matter how small, large or complex the project may be, we always deliver it on time. We pride ourselves in exceeding our customers expectations and we offer 100% customer satisfaction. Repeated customers and the word of mouth are our best advertisement.

Featured New Products

Here are the three of the our newest BENTLEY MARINE Products for 2019

Next Generation Submersible Cargo Ships

Autonomous Cargo Ships

As the marine industry gears towards Next Gen autonomous ship technology and clean burn fuels, BENTLEY MARINE is a decade ahead of the competition by introducing the world's first submersible SVLCS - Submersible Very large Container  Ships with up to 12,000 TEU capacity and  SVLCC's - Submersible Very Large Crude Carrier and LNG Carriers with up to 300,000 DWT capacity with Artificial Intelligence Command and Control. Those innovative GREEN ships feature clean fuel propulsion and are completely safe in any weather and against collision because they run below the surface.

Fuel Cell Technology

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

We work closely with the leading researchers and manufacturers in this Technology  to package our own BENTLEY MARINE Clean Energy Solutions for Next Gen Electric Ships.

Latest Products Image

LNG and Dual Fuel Systems

BENTLEY MARINE integrates and packages the most compact and lightweight Ship Propulsion and Power Generation Systems in the marine industry. Check out our exclusive military-proven Aluminum Radial Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines with up to 110MW of power. Our unique LNG and Dual Fuel GT Propulsion and Generator packages are Digitally monitored and controlled, thus offering significant less maitenance than conventional 2 and 4 stroke Diesel engines. New ship builds can save up to 75% in valuable engine room space and weight that can be better used for cargo hold and extra payload on board.


100MT Payload Amphibian
 $ 1.5M USD

Up to 100t Cargo Payload amphibian Military Craft designed to bring tanks and supplies from ship to shore. Ideal for construction in islands and unloading from ships in remote locations without  port or water draft for larger ships or landing craft.

LARC LX hybrid


$ave Millions on

Through our Ai - Artificial Intelligence Global Network, we can source virtually any type and size of new or used Ships, Fast Ferries, Barges and Military Craft worldwide, which we can modify and refit for your specifc use, or build New to your requirements.

3 new Ships for sale



Rolls-Royce 4MW Marine
LNG Turbo Genset
 - $ 1.75M

Two units available in excellent condition. Packaged in 40ft conteners for easy transport and drop-in installation on any ship,  FPSO vessel or Offshore rig. Reliable power and easy mainntenance at lower cost.

Rolls Royce 4MW Genset



Next Gen Marine Technologies & Innovative Solutions

Here is a glimpse of some of BENTLEY MARINE's Next Gen Ship Technologies & Solutions.
Click on each picture to learn more.

Portfolio Image

Long Range Offshore Transport Cargo Drones

The Most Affordable Cargo Transportation to and from Offshore Oil Platforms

BENTLEY MARINE Next Gen Cargo Drones can be customized to carry loads up to 400Kg and deliver the to remote Offshore Oil Platforms, Ships, Submarines, etc up to 350Km away.

Now Offshore Operators, Coast Guard and Navy can replace high-cost helicopter ownership and maintenance with a very low cost highly effective solution.

Payload: Up to 400Kg

Range:Up to 350Km

Operating Cost:5-10 times cheaper than Helicopters

Main Propulsion: 220HP Gas Engine

Portfolio Image

Magnus Effect Rotor Sail Propulsion

The Next Gen in GREEN Ship Propulsion

The ship is propelled, at least in part, by large vertical rotors, also known as Flettner Rotors or Rotor Sails, saving fuel in all types of ships.

BENTLEY MARINE integrates and packages Roto Sail Propulsion for all sizes and types of commercial and military ships.

Ship Types: Tankers, Bulkers, Ferries

Installation: On Deck

Noise level: Very Low

Fuel Savings:Up to 20%

Portfolio Image

Intelligent Electric Propulsion Systems

Next Gen GREEN Ship Technology

BENTLEY MARINE Next Gen GREEN Electric and Hybrid Ship Propulsion and Power Generation Systems are extremely compact and lightweight.

We offer the largest selection of GREEN Ship Electric Solutions with dual-fuel capability, more power, more range and best reliability in the industry.

Gensets Types: Turbine / Fuel Cell

Dual-Fuel: LNG / Diesel or Hydrogen

Energy Storage Systems: Batteries, Flywheel and Supercapacitors

Next Gen Batteries: Lithium Titanate or Liquid Metal

Portfolio Image

Next Gen Bulbous Bow Designs

The ultimate Technology for Fuel Savings and Seakeeping

Our Next Gen passive or active (electronic controlled) Bulbous Bow Designs enhance the ships hydrodynamics for considerably better seakeeping and fuel savings to prior designs .

There is a specific design model for each type of commercial and military ships and they can be retrofited to most existing ships, so you can start saving fuel now!

Use: Commercial and Military

Ship Types and Sizes: All

Bulbous Design: Custom

Interaction: Active or Passive

Portfolio Image

Autonomous Tri-SWATH Ship

The Future is NOW! Next Gen Intelligent Stealth Ships are here!

BENTLEY MARINE is the first company to offer a full range of Designs of Next Gen Autonomous Stealth Ships that combine the latest AI Technologies in beautiful and Innovative Designs.

For a fraction of the cost of conventional Naval ships, our Next Gen Intelligent Automomous Ships deliver superior performance, fire power and reliability without the risk of loss of life aboard

Design: Custom for all mission Types

Hull Form:Advanced Tri-SWATH

Propulsion: Silent Electric

Material: Stealthy Composites


BENTLEY MARINE offers a wide range of Shipbuilding  and Expert Consultancy Services to the Maritime Industry worldwide. Please contact us with your specific needs.

Company History -

Over 100 years of Shipbuilding Excellence & Technology Innovation!

Bentley Marine's rich 100 year plus Jacksonville, Florida shipbuilding heritage dates back to 1918, when prominent engineering and contracting company - The  A. Bentley & Sons Co., established in Toledo, Ohio in the 1880's built the Bentley Shipyard at the margins of the St. Johns River for the construction of military ships for the US Government at the end of WWI with innovative composite concrete shipbuilding technology.

Bentley Marine 1920 ship launch

SS Moffit  Composite Concrete Hull Ship launched by Bentley Shipyard in Jacksonville in Sept. 1920

Bentley Shipyard in Jacksonville 1918

Bentley Shipyard in Jacksonville, Circa 1918

Bentley Shipyard SS Moffitt Launch 1920


Advanced GREEN Ship Design & Engineering

We offer a broad range of Ship Design & Engineering Services for the commercial and military ship Industry, from hull and propulsion systems optimization to complete new builds and refits.

We use the latest in AI technologies, including CAD, Finite Element Analysis (FEM) and Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which are then validated by traditional ship model laboratory tests. to evaluate ship resistance, propulsion efficiency (cavitation tube), maneuvering and seakeeping of all the types of hull forms in strict conformity to the ITTC- International Towing Tank Conference protocols.


Bentley Marine3D ship Design

BENTLEY MARINE has several Teams of expert Naval Architects and Engineers in specific Advanced hulls forms such as SWATH, Air Cavity, Hydrofoils, Wave Piercing Catamaran, WIG and many more. Our Engineering Team can also refit or modernize  existing commercial and military ships hulls and propulsion systems to enhance their performance, seakeeping  and fuel efficiency with GREEN ShipTechnologies.


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IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap Compliance

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will enforce a new 0.5% global sulphur cap on fuel content from 1 January 2020, lowering from the present 3.5% limit. The global fuel sulphur cap is part of the IMO's response to heightening environmental concerns, contributed in part by harmful emissions from ships.

Our company is strategically positioned to provide the maritime community, shipowners, shipyards, and fuel distributors with cost effective solutions that do not require the installation of expensive exhaust scrubbers or the use of dangerous blended HFO fuel mixes that can cause havoc on the ship's main engines, generators and auxiliary equipment.

 BENTLEY MARINE exclusive GREEN Reformer Technology, converts low cost HSHFO (high Sulphur HFO) into ULSHFO Ultra Low Sulphur HFO) compliant with ISO 8217 Standard at the rate of 4 Mt/h, requiring no modification in the ship's engines or fuel systems.

Shipowners and operators with a large fleets of ships can benefit from making their own compliant fuel on strategic ports for their own fleet. This is the best way to  guarantee consistent fuel quality, supply and availability.  Each of our intelligent modular plants consists of two 40ft shipping containers that can be easily transported across the globe.

We also offer shipowners of older fleets, inexpensive HFO to LNG conversions and complete replacement of 2-stroke engines with much more compact and reliable Dual Fuel Direct Drive or Turbo Electric Solutions.

Complex Projects requires Expert Solutions and Management

We assist shipowners, shipyards and Navies in finding intelligent and cost effective solutions to the most challenging and complex projects.

 Our extensive Global Technical resources and strategic partnerships and joint-ventures with hundreds of industry professionals and selected equipment manufacturers worldwide, make us the Preferred One-Stop-Shop for many Navies and Shipowners.


Bentley Marine Smart Ship


 Our Next Gen Service approach is also fully supported by local technicians that speak our clients languages and understand their country customs.

This innovative corporate structure approach, also allows us to be recognized as the "world's best" when it comes to customized technical solutions and the integration and manufacture of project specific machinery and equipment. An advantage that cannot be offered or replicated even by the most respectable names in the marine industry.

Naval and Commercial Project Consultancy

No matter how small or how large and complex your Project may be, it should always start with an Initial Technical Consultancy. This smart and safe approach allow us to better understand our clients specific needs and our experts to study and prepare a written Technical Report on the best and most cost effective solution.


Bentley Marine Modular Ship Powerplants


After gathering some preliminary information about the Project, we prepare and submit an Initial Consultancy Agreement covering all points required. We typically charge a small fully deductible deposit to cover our travel expenses and costs to prepare pertinent materials for our first personal meeting.

We provide expert advice from the most simple refits or repowering projects, to the most complex design and engineering of very large commercial ships, offshore structures and military craft.

Procurement & Materials Supply

The procurement of special shipbuilding materials and project-specific machinery and equipment is one of the most challenging tasks for shipyards, shipowners and Navies across the globe. It requires know-how and expertise for not only the sourcing of the goods, but most importantly the sourcing of the same and the logistics involved in the process.


Bentley Marine Global Procurement


BENTLEY MARINE Procurement Services has proven invaluable over and over to many key players in the maritime industry by providing fast, reliable and cost-effective procurement of those extremely hard-to-find OEM replacement parts and for sourcing specialized or custom-built shipbuilding materials, out-of-stock machinery and equipment, etc.

Just let us know what you need and when you need it and we will get you covered in no time!

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