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        Under the guidance of President & CEO, John F. Rodrigues, over 750 marine scientists, engineers, naval architects and designers from the top European and US Navies form a distinguished technical Team that brings together the unmatched experience to conceive and build the most sophisticated and advanced military ships ever!

    BENTLEY MARINE Military Ships of the Next Generation blend modern design lines with the most advanced low wake hull forms and innovative technologies such as:

Third Generation Super lightweight Shipbuilding Materials.
    Environmentally safe Styreneless Triple Layer glass plastic reinforced composites with fire retardant attributes, Armored  Radar Transparent (Stealth)   composites with 10 times the strength of steel and 40% stronger than Aramid fibers (Kevlar), Special Titanium Alloys and Super Aluminum Magnesium Alloys with up to 50% higher strength than 5083 and 5086 marine aluminum alloys and about 25% more than Alustar ™ with 35% less weight.

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes) Chameleon ™ is a revolutionary system developed by BENTLEY MARINE, that renders military ships of any size virtually invisible to the eye of the enemy, thus complementing a ship's Stealth capability in the battle field.
Chameleon ™ uses real time powerful lasers to project adjacent images into the ship's structures, thus making it possible for even the largest ships to completely blend with the surrounding environment. By using real time projection, even the water movement is projected into the ships structure! The system can also be used with any structure or vehicle in the battle field, regardless of the environment (water, snow, deserts, forests, etc).

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes) Another BENTLEY MARINE first in military ship controls is WROOMAE ™   Technology (Wireless Remote Operation of Machinery and Equipment). The innovative wireless network system enables Drive by Wireless and Wireless Integrated Bridge designs. The system is fully redundant and encrypted for outstanding performance at all situations. WROOMAE ™   dramatically enhances the survivability of military ships and their ability to continue to operate their vital machinery and equipment in case of ballistic damage by enemy fire.

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes) Modular Self-Contained Integrated Autonomous Bridge Design
    A new concept in military ship safety was developed by BENTLEY MARINE originally with the intention to  modernize Mark V Fast Patrol boats of the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The self contained bridge design is water tight, self-powered and easily detachable from the ship's structure to be used as a self-propelled raft in case the ship goes down by enemy fire. The design is tailored for any size and type of military ships, from Air Carriers to Fast Patrol Boats. All navigation and communication equipment are embedded into the bridge, thus enabling the Navy to keep extra bridges in   which can be reconfigured hat when used with
WROOMAE ™ bring a new level of safety to Military Ships. The new concept bridge is of modular construction, allowing it to be not only easily upgraded in electronics and in navigation equipment, but also transferred from one ship to another as a self-contained unit. Custom built to each type or class of ships in either aluminum or armored Stealth composites,  with its own electric power generation.

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes) Custom developed ultra lightweight machinery and equipment. BENTLEY MARINE engineers and custom manufactures whisper quiet and environmentally friendly propulsion system solutions that are in most cases half of the weight and size of conventional out of the shelf ones. Just compare our BENTLEY MARINE Diesel/LNG Aluminum Radial Engines, Gas Turbines and gearboxes with any other in the industry.

ylwtriangle.gif (186 bytes) NOTE: BENTLEY MARINE is not involved in the commercialization of any type of weapons or armament. Our job is to work closely with the client country Navy or Government to specify the most modern versions of weapons and armament currently available from the leading manufacturers around the world to be purchased directly by the client Navy and Government Agencies.

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