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    The X- CRAFT are the Next Generation of fast LCS (Littoral Combatant Ships) from BENTLEY MARINE.

    The proposed ship uses BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive High Speed HS-SWATH semi-planning aluminum magnesium alloy hull which provides unmatched speed and seakeeping. The X- CRAFT is multi-turbine powered for maximum power to weight ratio and reliability. Each turbine pack constitutes of one smaller turbine for slow cruising and extra range and a larger one for high speed cruising. The turbines in each hull are interconnected by proprietary gearboxes and high performance military developed Ventilated Water Jets that offer far better performance than conventional ones, specially at lower speeds.


150m (495ft) X-Craft Next Generation Littoral Combatant Ship with two level aircraft decks

    BENTLEY MARINE X-CRAFT is an engineering marvel designed to quickly move troops and equipment in Littoral Warfare at speeds up to 65 Knots. The ship's stern is ballasted and lowered to deploy amphibian assault craft and troops at speed. The top extra wide two level aircraft landing deck provides sufficient space for simultaneous operation of up to three of today's largest and most advanced craft.

    The X-CRAFT modular and reconfigurable design makes it possible to also equip the ship for anti-surface warfare (ASuW),  mine countermeasure (MCM), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), missile defense (CGX) and defensive/offensive minelaying.

    At the client's country Navy request the ship can be built incorporating composite materials that offer superior ballistic and Stealth capabilities than carbon fiber and kevlar, as well as BENTLEY MARINE's  Chameleon™ technology that turns the X-CRAFT invisible to the naked eye and WROOMAE (Wireless Remote Operation of Machinery and Equipment) to assure the ship's survivability in case of heavy damage due to enemy fire.

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