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Next Generation Aircraft Carriers (CVX)

    BENTLEY MARINE modular and reconfigurable Tri-SWATH Next Generation (CVX) Aircraft Carrier is a far superior platform to all other aircraft carriers in operation throughout the world, offering only 1 pitching at Sea State 10 and negligible roll in all conditions, thanks to its aerospace derived multi-fin motion control system.

    The extra wide superstructure enables two parallel runways to be operated simultaneously, thus cutting the time of deployment of fighter jets to the battlefield in half. The next generation Tri-SWATH Aircraft Carrier is also equipped with electromagnetic aircraft launching and recovery systems that reduces manpower and maintenance, as well as lower wind over deck requirements for aircraft launch and recovery.  Depending on ship size and configuration, 40 to 100 aircraft of various sizes and types can be stored in the wider beam ship.

    Triple SWATH hulls are not only much faster than monohulls in rough seas, with 40 knot plus speed capability, but also much safer in case of enemy attack. Compact and lightweight BENTLEY MARINE turbines are installed into each hull with for whisper quiet operation and triple redundancy.


    BENTLEY MARINE's Next Generation Tri-SWATH Aircraft Carriers (CVX) are also the first to incorporate a   Self-Contained Integrated Autonomous Bridge Design with ballistic and Stealth capabilities, in addition to BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive Chameleon™ technology that turns the craft invisible to the naked eye and WROOMAE (Wireless Remote Operation of Machinery and Equipment).

       The ship can be designed and built to any country specific requirements and specifications in qualified military shipyards in all five continents.

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