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Landing Craft


         Our International Engineering Team has designed and built the most versatile Landing Craft in the world, from the largest Hovercrafts, to the fastest amphibian ships, such as the Wing in Ground Effect craft.

    BENTLEY MARINE now combines the experience acquired and the technology developed by the various groups of designers and engineers of our International Team into a new breed of Landing Crafts, that are capable  to fast and safely deploy soldiers, equipment and armament into virtually any war theatre.

    The multi-role crafts are built for maximum performance with BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive Aluminum Magnesium Alloy which is stronger and lighter than marine 5083 and 5086 alloys. The crafts can be also equipped with advanced ballistic resistant composites or built entirely in armored composites.

  BENTLEY MARINE Hovercraft:

57.3m (190ft) 550ton, 60 knot capable BENTLEY MARINE Hovercraft

      This is the largest air cushion ship in the world and is powered by five turbines, two driving the lift system with four 2.5m diam. axial fans and three as main propulsion, driving 5.5m diameter four bladed reversible variable-pitch fans. It is ideal for carrying as many as 360 amphibious lending troopers, or three medium tanks, or ten armored personnel carriers, to unprepared beaches, shallow draft shores or remote areas where conventional Landing ships would not be able to operate.

    The craft is immune to mines and is equipped with a mine laying device, anti-aircraft missiles and automatic artillery.

    BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive 100kW CHPC Combined Heat, Power & Cooling turbine generators complement the whisper quiet package, providing electricity, hot water and air conditioning for the entire vessel.

      All weapons and navigation equipment are concealed and protected from the environment.

    In addition to its innovative modular construction, which allow for easy modification of the superstructure for different programs along the life cycle of the ship, including the installation of mission specific weapons, BENTLEY MARINE's 3rd Generation Hovercrafts are the only ones equipped with Chameleon ™  visual Stealth technology that renders the ship invisible to the eye of the enemy and a WROOMAE ™ equipped bridge for wireless remote operation of machinery and equipment.


  BENTLEY MARINE Air Cavity Fast Tank & Troop Transporter:

Copy of Air Cavity Transporter.jpg (24190 bytes)
25.6m (85ft)  30 knot BENTLEY MARINE Fast Transporter

      This Air Cavity Landing craft is able to carry 90 soldiers or 45 tons of tracked or wheeled vehicles direct into shore at 30 knots in Sea State 3 and safely operate in wave heights up to 3.5m at slow speeds.

    Twin BENTLEY MARINE Radial Aluminum Diesel engines of 4,000HP drive Ventilated Water Jets built into the hull  for maximum protection. The armored bridge is protected by special composites and equipped with three automatic machine guns.


  BENTLEY MARINE Wing In Ground Effect Ship Tank & Troop Transporter:

58.1m (192ft)  250 knot BENTLEY MARINE Ultra Fast Amphibious Transporter

      The Ekranoplan is the most versatile landing craft ever conceived, operating over water, ice or land at speeds of up to 400km/h and with a range of 1500km. When airborne under the wing in ground effect, it uses only the aft turbo prop to move with unlimited seakeeping capability and negligible radar signature.

    The two forward turbines push air under the wings, creating a cushion of air that assists the ship to easily maneuver over the surface (water, ice or land). The aft turbo prop equipped with contra-rotating propellers pushes the ship forward. The ekranoplan is also the most fuel efficient and the fastest landing craft in the world.

    The BENTLEY MARINE Gemini is a modernized version of a well proven Ekranoplan design developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It is capable of carrying up to 40 tons of load in tracked or wheeled vehicles or over 200 soldiers. The forward section of the craft opens completely to the side, allowing full access to the interior compartment and the fast deployment of troops and armament.

    The Ekranoplan is built with aluminum alloys that are salt water resistant, so the ship can stay moored in salt water without any special maintenance. Nevertheless, the craft is also equipped with retractable wheels that allow it to move with its own power from the water, over a concrete ramp, into a hangar.


  BENTLEY MARINE Giant Ultra-Fast Amphibious Transporter & Landing Craft:

74m (244ft)  100 knot plus BENTLEY MARINE Giant Amphibious Transporter

    BENTLEY MARINE 750 ton amphibian transporter is the only Naval Landing Craft  in the world capable of transporting 200 troops in an air conditioned salon and up to 300 tons of tracked or wheeled vehicles, equipment, heavy armament at speeds up to 250Km/h (150Km/h in Sea State 4-5) to unprepared coasts, over water, ice, snow or land.

The remarkable aluminum craft moves over a cushion of air, without the assistance of a flexible skirt such as the ones used in Hovercrafts, and can cover a distance of 1,500km in calm water, 750km in Sea State 4-5, 500km over land and 950 km over ice or snow.

    The unique propulsion system of BENTLEY MARINE's Giant Ultra-Fast Amphibious Transporter is comprised by six forward turbines that blow air under the hull for a full lift-off and thrust in main mode and two aft turbo props for maneuverability, thrust and longitudinal stability. The complete lift-off of the craft in amphibious mode of operation, makes it even more environmentally friendly than the hovercrafts, having no impact on the vegetation.

    What makes this BENTLEY MARINE ship even more attractive is its incredible weight efficiency of 40% displacement and a thrust to-weight ratio of only 0.17 to 0.29, thus higher than other air cushion vessels and even  aircraft.

    BENTLEY MARINE's modular and reconfigurable construction, allows the amphibian transporter to be easily modified for many different programs along the life cycle of the ship, including the installation of mission specific weapons. When equipped   with Chameleon ™  visual Stealth technology, the ship becomes invisible to the eye of the enemy. The WROOMAE ™ , wireless remote operation of machinery and equipment bridge is standard and assures survivability of the craft when under heavy enemy fire.


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