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Stealth Corvettes


    BENTLEY MARINE turbine powered fast stealth corvettes  are custom built with  proprietary hull forms that deliver speeds up to 65 Knots in the most challenging war theatres.

    The multi-role crafts are suitable for anti-surface warfare (ASuW),  mine countermeasure (MCM), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), patrol, escort, and defensive/offensive minelaying.

    Both of our Corvette designs are built incorporating composite materials that offer superior ballistic and Stealth capabilities than carbon fiber and kevlar. Additionally, when outfitted with BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive Chameleon™ technology, the crafts turn not only invisible to radar, but also to the naked eye. WROOMAE (Wireless Remote Operation of Machinery and Equipment) is standard and assures ship survivability in case of damage to enemy fire.

  BENTLEY MARINE Air Cavity Stealth Corvette:

80m (265ft) 50 knot Air Cavity Stealth Corvette

      Despite of its longer and wider hull, BENTLEY MARINE's Air Cavity hull Corvette offers more speed and better seakeeping than the new Swedish Navy Visby Class Stealth Corvette and much more comfort when passing through waves. The Air Cavity technology not only reduces hydrodynamic drag in 35%, but also cushions the bottom of the hull, preventing slamming at high speeds.

    BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive 4-pack turbines (2 x 8,300kW +  2 x   3,300kW) with interconnected gearboxes drive two Ventilated Water Jets that are built-in into the hull. The Air Cavity ship is steered by Cycloidal rudders that double as Cycloidal Thrusters at slow speeds for unmatched maneuverability. Combined Heat and Power turbine generators complement the whisper quiet package, providing electricity, hot water and air conditioning for the entire vessel.

    The hull and superstructure is built in advanced composites 40% stronger than aramid fibers and 10 stronger than steel. All weapons and navigation equipment are concealed and the large helipad can be equipped with an elevator, so the aircraft can be stored and protected from the environment. The transom tender garage allows for the deployment of smaller craft at high speeds.

    Another distinction from the Visby Class is the use of armored composite windows around the ship that enable the crew to enjoy daylight and better visibility at the WROOMAE ™ equipped bridge.


  BENTLEY MARINE High Speed HS-SWATH Corvette:

53m (175ft) 60 knot HS-SWATH Corvette offers 1800sq.mts of useful deck space
65m (215ft) 60 knot HS-SWATH Corvette offers 3500sq.mts of useful deck space

    When the war theatre requires 50 knots in Sea State 6 and speeds of up to 60 knots in rough seas, or the ability to land large heavy helicopter in such conditions; there is only one craft in the world up to the task: BENTLEY MARINE Semi-Planning HS-SWATH !

    With similar features as the Air Cavity Corvette, such as 4-pack turbine power (55MW for the 53m version and 90MW for the 65m), concealed weapons and navigation equipment and an even larger helipad equipped with an elevator and garage, the HS-SWATH is the ultimate Corvette of the high seas.


  BENTLEY MARINE Ultra High Speed Wave Piercing Trimaran Corvette:

Copy of BMPatrol WPT.jpg (31616 bytes)
55m (182ft) Ultra-Fast 125Knot  Multi-Task Stealth Wave Piercing Trimaran

        With a displacement of  900 tons,   1800 sq. meters of useful deck space, 1000n.m. range at full speed and a design draft of only 1.5m, the WPT is an unique multi-role convertible platform that can operate at  50 knots in Sea State 5, thus making it well suited for anti-surface warfare (ASuW),  mine countermeasure (MCM), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), patrol, escort, fast troop transport and even missile launching.

Designed as an alternative to the amphibian Wing In Ground Effect Ships, the 125knot capable WPT is unarguably the fastest and most flexible naval military craft ever designed.

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