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Military Ships of Next Generation:

3rd Generation Frigates


      The wider SWATH Monohull with Outriggers platform of BENTLEY MARINE's 3rd Generation Frigates, brings unparalleled seakeeping and deck space into frigates, allowing this new generation of frigates to maintain heading and higher speeds in rough seas.   

  BENTLEY MARINE SWATH Monohull with Outriggers Frigate:

150m (495ft) SWATH Monohull with Outriggers 3rd Generation Frigate

    Wider and more stable than the German F-124 Frigate, BENTLEY MARINE's  SWATH Monohull with Outriggers platform is a far superior battle ship and best for AAW (anti-air warfare), since vertical missile launching can be accomplished in severe Sea State conditions. Another advantage is helicopter landing in heavy seas.

    Unlike the F-124 German Frigate that uses a CODAG (Combined Diesel and Gas) propulsion system, BENTLEY MARINE's uses quieter and more reliable COGAG (Combined Gas and Gas)  gas turbines with interconnected gearboxes on the main SWATH hull and Outriggers. The center SWATH monohull is equipped with 1 x 20MW + 1 x 3360kW turbines with interconnected gearboxes for parallel or independent operation for the best fuel economy, reliability and weight savings. Each Outrigger hull is equipped with 2 x 3360kW turbines. The outrigger propulsion provides superior maneuverability in comparison to monohulls and can be equipped with pulling type propellers forward and push type aft, for even greater performance..   The fact that main machinery is located in the SWATH hull and outriggers, away from the main structure of the ship and deeply submerged, translates into a whisper quiet environment for the crew and extra protection of the propulsion and machinery in case of enemy attack.

    BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive CHPC Combined Heat, Power & Cooling turbine generators complement the whisper quiet package, providing electricity, hot water and air conditioning for the entire vessel.

      All weapons and navigation equipment are concealed and the large helipad can be equipped with an elevator, so the aircraft can be stored and protected from the environment.

    In addition to its innovative modular construction, which allow for easy modification of the superstructure for different programs along the life cycle of the ship, including the installation of mission specific weapons, BENTLEY MARINE's 3rd Generation Frigates are the only ones equipped with Chameleon ™  visual Stealth technology that renders the ship invisible to the eye of the enemy and a WROOMAE ™ equipped bridge.

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