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Military Ships of Next Generation:

Advanced Fast Patrol & Interceptor Crafts


    BENTLEY MARINE Fast Patrol and Interceptor Crafts are custom built  to serve the specific requirements of the most demanding Navies, Coast Guard Agencies and the Police around the world with unmatched safety, reliability, speed, seakeeping and comfort at sea!

    Most of our military designs can be built incorporating ballistic and Stealth capabilities, in addition to BENTLEY MARINE's exclusive Cameleon™ technology that turns the craft invisible to the naked eye and WROOMAE (Wireless Remote Operation of Machinery and Equipment).


  BENTLEY MARINE Advanced Patrol & Interceptor Crafts:

12m (40ft) 50 knot Unconventional Naturally Ventilated Monohull Police Interceptor
with special armored composite hull and superstructure for ballistic protection


12m (40ft) 50 knot Air Cushion (SES) Police Interceptor equipped with
BENTLEY MARINE's Advanced Electric Propulsion System (AEPS)


35m (115ft) 50 knot Air Cavity Ship for Border and Coastal Patrol
with optional special armored composite hull and superstructure for ballistic protection


Ultra fast 100Knot + Multi-Task Stealth Wave Piercing Trimarans
Modular convertible design up to 1000 tons displacement for Navy (CGX Missile Defense or X-Craft)
or Coast Guard Cutter  with large helicopter landing capability


Ultra fast 130Km/h Police and Coast Guard Interceptor
The craft is ideal to economically patrol wide areas of rivers, lakes and coasts

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